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Method and Mission

An important step towards improved profitability. Our method is to refine the service of internal transport solutions for the sawmill industry by providing competence, efficiency and quility assurance. We often receive tender enquiries and new client contacts in connection with imminent refurbishment and development of the sawmill´s internal transport system and machine park. A first step on our part will then be to make a careful analysis of needs, where we look at the client company´s condition and potential in the sphere of logistics.

Our quality guarantee: No production stoppages! We normally enter into a contact for three to five years. Our undertaking means ensuring that transport always works in an optimal way and that our clients obtain complete control of cost for internal logistics in a simple way. Other clients benefits are less administration, reduced personnel costs and less need to tie up capital in vehicles.

Following up performance and quality are an important part of our undertaking. We engage in continuous dialogue with our client companies at managing director level, which, among other things, leads an annual evaluation of our collaboration.

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Logistical Solutions